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Small Room project @Biscotto Workshops

Acquaintance of Eidomeni.



A special biscotto workshop with a local and sensitive theme like refugee will be presented at biscotto coffee + on Friday March 3 at the Mediterranean Cosmos Shopping Center

Through an interactive panel of speakers you will have the chance to get to know the story of Eidomeni by the people who have lived it, you will follow their course from the war zones to Europe and you will have the opportunity to participate in an open discussion about Refugee. At the end of the night a relevant video from the region will be shown.

Presentation: Vassilis Tsartsanis / Activist Vassilis Tsartsanis actively participated in the cultural life of the place through the team of Asklepion, who created with other friends and through which he seeks to produce art and culture in order to promote his place, the area of ​​Polykastro Kilkis, but he also conducted various projects aimed at the reconciliation and coexistence of the peoples of the Balkans. And then the refugees came. With self-denial and personal sacrifices he took on a difficult role and managed to manage with his co-workers the biggest contemporary European and global problem. The great international instruments present him as the modern hero, the man who restored faith in humanity and saved the dignity of Europe, which has long been opposed to the problem. His home was sheltered by many souls found in need, but also hosted missions by journalists and politicians who came to Edomeni. The refugees who helped him, his brothers, set up his gratitude campaign for gratitude, raising thanksgiving placards from the European cities where they settled. Now the biggest media talk about him (Independent, BBC, Le Monde, etc.)