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Merwan Ahme

My name is Merwan Ahme, born in 1969, in Tel Mansur al-Hasakah of Syria.

Married, with one son and five girls.

In the elementary and middle school years, I was beaten and insulted many times because we were talking about Kurdish.

After 2004, the state issued a decision to prevent registration of land and real estate for the Kurds.

An Islamic society exploits the teachings of religion in a rhetorical style.

Using the slogan of reflection limits the behavior of human intervention to the finer details of human life

using prescriptions developed over 1400 years ago and personal binding speech is exempt from application.

I suffered a lot and was not convinced that the Creator of the universe is like someone

envisioned by our society and hated to apply what I did not find logical for science or nature.

Some friends called me a secularist ..

There came a war, and we lost everything, until the values ​​of extremism and racism forced me to safety and thus my family.

We fled to Turkey after I lost six of my relatives ...

I am now in Turkey trying to search for peace for life from a straw that can be sailing far from the world

under the eyes of the world who mastered the observation of human pain .....

Thank you for reading